Tuesday, June 25, 2013



LOVE the scarf and LOVE IT <3 LOVE IT <3 LOVE IT

BLUE CLUES on it, love the shades of BLUE
and it makes me wanna MOVE 

I love the CANDY COLOR jacket and also makes me wanna bite these jacket and i WOULD!!!

I love me some COLOR jacket and sweater and it makes the BURBERRY's BRIGHT

i love the stripes sweater shirt and its my top favorite!!..

For this COLLECTION all I can say is WOW, cute, quirky, sweet, and ADORABLE!!!!... I would buy everything on these collection, LOVE the CLOTHES, the accessories, the SHOES, and the scarf.  Is it too much to ask? LOL. And I'm happy that Christopher Bailey made a decision to go back to LONDON because BURBERRY is belong to London and always be.  I LOVE EVERY SINGLE LOOK!!!. i love the way they style the whole thing and it's very colorful and it makes people smile and YES!!.. I SMILE when I look at these pictures and I LOVE IT and IT"S OENSH*T!!...

And I wish MR. CHRISTOPHER BAILEY would give me the stripes sweater shirt and makes my life happy ;) and I'm HAPPY that he's back to LONDON...

you can CHECK out the BURBERR full SPRING 2014 collection here:

pictures via STYLE.com

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