Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First POST!!!..

HI! this is my first post and i would love to introduce OENSHit as my new Blog!. And I'm so excited to show you guys my blog and I promise that my BLOG would be awesome and OENSHit is all about my life, my opinion on LIFE, POP culture, Celebrities, FASHION, MUSIC, ART, and MANY MORE!!..

I'm LAWRENCE IYOG and people would call me kuya means " BIG Brother", renz for short name and oensh. Why OENSH is my nickname? People telling me why oensh is my nickname and it sounds weird and let me tell you why? I remember back in the PHILIPPINES and when i was in Grade 7 then as i say full name in front of my classmates and i say LAWRENCE IYOG and my friend SARAH gave me this name "OENSH" and I like it because it sounds new and quirky and weird at the same time. So growing up I'm getting use to the name OENSH as my nickname.

i would love to tell you about my life, my hobbies and other stuff that I want to tell you. FIRST I'm gonna say my life is SOMEWHAT great and i had my UPS and DOWNS in my life, I'm a small guy with a BIG DREAMS!!!.. I've always wanted to be a successful DESIGNER, i want to open up my own restaurant and have a BIG family!!..

My hobbies were watching TV and I love to watch TV like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, ELEMENTARY, shows from BRAVOtv, VH1, MTV, ABC family, SYFY, and others and i cant name all the shows and the truth is I'm a TV addict and Movie addict and i know it sounds crazy. LOL!..

I LOVE to cook and bake dessert and I have a passion of cooking and MAYBE!! i got the inheritance from my grandma.

and i love FASHION!!!.. I'm crazy about the FASHION thing and that's what I'm good at fashion. I know how to sew, style and stuff about FASHION.  And you totally check OUT my portfolio website about my fashion work. here's my website : www.coroflot.com/oensh . My FAVORITE designers are PROENZA SCHOULER, ALEXANDER WANG, LANVIN,  Dsquared2, PRADA, and STELLA MCCARTNEY. and my number 1 favorite designer would be PROENZA SCHOULER because i love these designer and they're awesome. Their COLLECTION is amazing and i LOVE their style, silhouette and accessories.

And DID you watch the new VIDEO of Miley Cyrus "WE CAN'T STOP" and all i can say is WOW, SHOCKER!!!... i don't know like my head is questioning a LOT because the video looks porn? but I love Miley Cyrus and she's a great woman, and she's all GROWN UP and in the video that I've seen like it's too much and she doesn't have to be raunchy and all the stuff and i wish she could have tone ti down a little bit and it was bizarre!!.. i wish the video could be like she's having fun with her friends but not doing like being sexy, kissing a doll, wearing bra and the last thing is I DON'T want to see is a CAMELTOE.. i hate CAMELTOE and its inappropriate to wear something like that. here's the video of MILEY CYRUS video ''WE CAN'T STOP" just watch the video and let me know what do you think??..

AND i hope Miley would just wear like rihanna and i LOVE me some Rihanna!!.. RIHANNA is awesome woman and my BIGGEST FAN!!...

She doesn't look trashy and LET ME TELL YOU why she looks great? everything perfect and everything she wears and its still look chic, fashion forward and modern. And this outfit is great for summer and she always will be a fashion ICON and a trendsetter. She's an awesome girl in the world.
AND do you AGREE what i was saying about her and her outfit?

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